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Our partners in healing

Our Horses Our Heroes

We believe that horses are excellent partners when we work on problem-solving, teamwork, relationships, conflict resolution and more. In addition, the confidence we get by becoming proficient at horseback riding translates to our everyday lives. HARR offers programs including : Therapeutic Riding (TR) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). Equine Assisted wellness



Horses are great teachers ~ they perceive, interpret and respond to where we are in the moment thus creating an opportunity to help us with:

Learning to be present and live in the moment

Attain inner peace and calm


Build confidence and leadership

Develop boundaries

Move beyond fear

Learning to trust

Improve communication

Increase energy and vitality

Expand our awareness and

Work through Grief & Loss

Horses our Teachers

When Visitors come to the ranch and meet our horses they soon realize that it is the horse who is their teacher. Horses carry us both physically and emotionally and experiencing a horse either through ground work or riding is transforming

Horses our Teachers